A bit of history ~ I grew up in upstate NY, Albany Saratoga area a little town in the center called Burnt hills!!   

 I've always been in love with jewelry.  As a little girl it was a treat when my mother opened her jewelry box and let me try everything on!  The smell, The beauty, The mystery, It was a magical place and everything had a story...

 After earning my degree in graphic design, I felt unfulfilled.  On whim, I moved out west and landed in San Francisco.  I explored different mediums and found a metalworking class that sparked my creativity.  I instantly fell in love with the process of forming and fabricating metal.  I have been creating jewelry and building my business in my studio ever since. I am inspired by periods and styles of history, architecture old and new.  The splendor of nature with it's graceful form and energy.   

 I've have never stopped making jewelry since that time I discovered my love and inspiration for the art of metalsmithing.  If I'm out of my studio for a few days it always draws me back.

I now live in the Great Pacific North West with my two amazing tweenagers. Our two cats ....Fiona (A.K.A Feef)  and (Bowie A.K.A Boo Boo).